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2015 April Client Alert
  • Separate ATO appeals unit needed to resolve tax disputes – The Inspector-General of Taxation has called for a separate appeals unit within the ATO.
  • Single Touch Payroll consultation noted big changes afoot – The ATO has noted big changes afoot with the implementation of the Government’s Single Touch Payroll.
2015 March Client Alert
  • Small business tax review finds first steps for improvement – The results of a review into tax impediments affecting the success and growth of small businesses have been released.
  • Valuation reports for tax purposes could be easier – A review examining the ATO’s administration of valuation matters has found room for improvement.
2015 February Client Alert
  • Borrowing by superannuation funds under scrutiny — The Murray Financial System Inquiry has recommended restoring the general prohibition on direct borrowings by superannuation funds.
  • Bitcoin and ATO approach to past transactions — The ATO has finalised a number of its Rulings relating to the application of the tax laws for Bitcoin and similar crypto-currencies.

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